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traditional elegance

Gardens are very individual  and personal spaces whether it be low maintenance, a useable family space, traditional, cottage style or contemporary. With interest today in kitchen gardens and ‘grow your own’  even a vegetable area or potager can be integrated successfully into a garden.  We all have our own aspirations as to what our gardens represent and how they should work for us.

Your circumstances may be that you have just moved house and have a blank canvas.  You may have a garden that is out of control and you don’t know what to do with it.  You may just be short on time and horticultural knowledge. You may know exactly what you want to achieve but require a helping hand with my expertise and creativity to do this successfully.

Whatever your reasons I will work closely with you to understand your requirements.  I will inspire and guide you through the process tailoring your garden design to your individual budget and requirements. On completion of the design process I am able to recommend reputable local builders to complete the landscaping work to a high standard.

Your Garden Design will be individual to you whether it be traditional, contemporary or a practical family space.

Have you moved house, have a blank canvas or a garden out of control, I am here to help and advise.

I will work closely with you tailoring your garden design to your budget and individual requirements.